RADIO 418 podcast featuring Mystina!  

Mystina is an emerging dance music artist, singer and songwriter.  She’s also my bandmate here in NYC on weekends when it’s “time to make the donuts.”  We chatted over coffee in the city about her career thus far and the stuff we both like, and she educated me on Latin Freestyle. 

PLUS: a physical media rant.  (MILD PROFANITY NSFW.)

RADIO 418 podcast featuring NYC bassist Jeff Ganz!  

Veteran bassist and dear friend Jeff Ganz has been a “participant” in every musical style and setting imaginable.  Our conversation takes many twists and turns as Jeff shares stories and lessons learned from four decades at the top of our industry.  (OCCASIONAL PROFANITY.)

RADIO 418 podcast featuring Kelli Strawbridge of KINGS RVA! 

Our first "Archive" episode (bringing the classic interviews to the new feed" features my talk with KINGS frontman Kelli Strawbridge.  Kelli is at the center of a rich, homegrown cultural explosion in Richmond, Virginia.  We met on a chilly night in Brooklyn (2 days after the 2016 presidential election) to talk about KINGS, Jellowstone Records and all things #RVA. 

PLUS: a listener email question about The Monkees and The Stones!

RADIO 418 podcast featuring Iain Lee of 7a Records!  

What inspires a UK radio and TV host to start up an indie record label specializing in rare Monkees tracks?  Iain Lee of 7a Records joins me for a spirited conversation about extreme Monkees fan-dom, and his unique business model!                                                                                                                                                                         

Don't forget about 7a Records' latest offering, "Listen To The Bands," 25 Monkees cover versions (featuring a rendition of "As We Go Along" by Yours Truly).  All proceeds to benefit the Davy Jones Equine Memorial Foundation.  

RADIO418 podcast featuring Jim Yester of The Association!  

The latest episode of Radio418 features my conversation with Jim Yester, from the legendary group The Association.  Their unique blend of folk, rock and pop created some of the most enduringly popular songs of the 1960s; Jim talks about his own history as a musician, the origins of The Association, and his continued success both with the band and on his own.  Plus: I'm a freelance writer now!


It's official: my Radio418 podcast lives at a brand-new home at now powered by Podbean!  Look forward to brand-new conversations with my fellow musicians, and re-posts of classic talks of the past.
(You can also click "Radio418" at the top of this website.)

JM appears on "LISTEN TO THE BANDS" Monkees tribute CD!  

7a Records has announced "Listen To The Bands," a 25-track CD and digital release featuring cover versions of songs by The Monkees!  John's version of "As We Go Along" (from the "Head" soundtrack) appears on the disc, which benefits the Davy Jones Equine Memorial Fund.  Check out preview track below!
"Listen To The Bands" is currently available for pre-order from Amazon UK, with US to follow. Stay tuned for more "Listen To The Band" news! 

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Hyatt Regency Jersey City , 2 Exchange Place, Jersey City, NJ 07302

Happy to announce my first appearance at the NY Metro Fest For Beatles Fans! I'll be playing all three nights with the band Liverpool (filling in for bassist Glen Burtnik), and presenting a very special McCartney Bass Workshop on the Apple Jam Stage. More details TBA.