RADIO 418 with NYC radio veteran Maria Milito!  

Q104.3 FM's Maria Milito is more than just a "classic rock" DJ.  She's a heritage radio personality in the #1 radio market in the USA (New York), on the only classic rock station in that market!  We had a lively discussion at the Q104 studios in NYC that included my lovely wife Jill, herself a radio industry veteran.  We talk about Maria's background and history in NYC radio, and the state of "classic rock" today and in the future.  

RADIO 418 with Adam Dorn (aka Mocean Worker!)  

Bassist, producer and recording artist Adam Dorn was born into a strong musical lineage, but forged his own unique path to success.  We talk about our respective experiences at Berklee, his tutelage under uber-bassist/producer Marcus Miller, and the ups and downs of the music business.

TOM PETTY TRIBUTE with Benny Landa 

I needed to talk this morning about Tom Petty.  So I called my buddy, guitarist Benny Landa, for a rambling FM-radio-style chat about Tom, record stores, God knows what else and what it all means.  This one is long and winding, but it felt good to us so I hope you enjoy it. 

RADIO 418 podcast with Howard Kaylan! (The Turtles, Flo & Eddie) 

While serving as the bassist for the 2013 "Happy Together" tour, I started interviewing the principal artists for Radio 418.  These legendary musicians were living healthy, happy and vital lives as men in their "golden years," and I wanted to learn how they were doing it!  They were all gracious and generous with their time and wisdom, but my conversation with The Turtles' Howard Kaylan (the "Eddie" of Flo & Eddie) was particularly deep and insightful (as all of my talks with Howard are).  Enjoy this late night, FM-radio-style chat with a true showbiz "lifer" and one of the coolest cats ever.  

RADIO 418 podcast featuring Mystina!  

Mystina is an emerging dance music artist, singer and songwriter.  She’s also my bandmate here in NYC on weekends when it’s “time to make the donuts.”  We chatted over coffee in the city about her career thus far and the stuff we both like, and she educated me on Latin Freestyle. 

PLUS: a physical media rant.  (MILD PROFANITY NSFW.)

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