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"A John Montagna Salute To The Beatles"

Posted on February 16, 2014 with 1 comment
I think it's time to go into "John Montagna Beatles Fantasy Land."  
As soon as I heard about the "Grammy Salute to The Beatles" TV special, and saw the list of who was going to be on it, I started grumbling: "You know what they SHOULD have done…?" and so on.  But then I decided not to even go down that rabbit hole, and instead simply wrote down the plans for my own "fantasy Beatles TV show" the way I would have done it.
I'm not stupid; I understand how these things work.  It's the Grammys, it's Sunday night on CBS.  They're going to play it safe with Alicia Keys, John Mayer, Katy Perry, etc.  They're not going to put together a show that will appeal to the unbalanced, fanatic sensibilities of obsessive fans like myself.  No, devising that show would be MY job.  
I started with a different model: rather than an "all-star salute" punctuated by cutaway shots of Paul and Ringo in the audience watching "all-stars" singing Beatles songs, my show follows [...]
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Music's Biggest Night?

Posted on January 27, 2014 with 3 comments
Another year, another Grammy Awards telecast.  As the pixie dust settles and I'm able to view the event objectively, I'm left with the impression that it was alright.  There was actually a nice display of superb talent throughout the night, and hardly any moments that made me shake my 41-year-old head and say "I don't get what these kids are doing." 
The fact is, most of us who complain about the performances and how much better music was "back in the day" have never performed in an awards telecast on live TV, and have never performed in a room as big as the Staples Center.  There are pressures and demands on that gig that we don't even know about, so if the performers seem shaky, imperfect, or disconnected, maybe cut 'em some slack and say "Get a load of you, making it this far and giving it your best!  Good on ya."  
Not enough jazz and classical?  Blame it on the telecast's time slot: CBS prime time Sunday.  It's the same old story: they gotta [...]
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Back In The US.....

Posted on January 13, 2014 with 5 comments
You know those times when you get stuck on a topic and you can't let go of it?  And everyone says "You're still going on about THAT?  We stopped talking about that DAYS ago!"  Well, this is one of those times. 
Four days ago I wrote a blog about the backlash toward the upcoming Beatles "US Albums" box set.  In short: the source audio for these CDs will be the 2009 remasters done in the UK at Abbey Road, and not the original tapes mastered by Capitol Records in the US back in the 60s.  
The Capitol mixes were done with the average 1960s turntable in mind, and under tight production deadlines.  As a result, American Beatles fans heard the music with extra compression, EQ, reverb, and in some cases "duophonic" (or "fake stereo") mixes.  And that's how we remember Beatles music sounding, for better or worse!
So when Capitol announced that the 2009 UK remasters would be used for the "US Albums" box, many fans were outraged at what they perceived as [...]
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Those Beatles are at it again: causing a stir over their latest release, 40+ years after they stopped working together!  This time there's a small brouhaha surrounding the release of "The US Albums," a 13-disc collection of The Beatles LPs as they appeared on Capitol Records in the USA back in the 60s.
Backstory, in case you didn't know already: the American LPs had different track listings, artwork, etc., from the UK versions until "Sgt Pepper" in 1967.  The UK versions are generally considered more "authentic" and consistent with the creative intentions of the band, and have thusly served as the model for Beatles CD releases.  
But the US albums retain a different charm altogether.  Yes, they were often cobbled together quickly under deadline pressure by Capitol Records with goofy artwork and liner notes, inferior mixes, and track listings that were completely out of touch with the band's progress in the UK.  But THAT'S HOW WE EXPERIENCED THE BEATLES IN AMERICA [...]
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A hundred million!  
It almost sounds like a made up number, like a child exaggerating.  Yet according to comedian Marc Maron, that's how many times his "WTF With Marc Maron" podcast has been downloaded since its inception in September 2009!   
The great thing about podcasts (as any media/technology expert will tell you) is that there's actual hard data that allows you to track and count how many listeners you've got (unlike radio & TV, which rely on fuzzy estimates).  So when Maron says "WTF" has reached 100,000,000 downloads, I believe him.  
I've been a fan of Maron since he co-hosted Morning Sedition on Air America Radio.  I wasn't interested in talk radio or lefto politics before, but Maron was the real deal.  He brought the badass swagger of rock n roll to the AM talk arena; he was funny, clever and insightful, and took no shit.  I hung on to everything he said, and I was thankful that he was saying it.  When I attended a few live [...]
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